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Ghostel: A Post Kickstarter Campaign Analysis

This post is an analysis of some data from our Kickstarter campaign for Ghostel. It may be useful for future campaign creators. The information we’re going to discuss: Total Backers Total Pledged Average Pledge per Backer And this will be analysed in 3 different areas: Countries Source/Referral Pledge Levels Context: Information about the campaign When I was researching information like this, it was really helpful to know if our campaign was comparable to the ones I was researching (for example, KS data for a $5 microgame is very different to data about a $80 Miniatures game), so here’s some information about our campaign: Board Game: Ghostel Players: 2-4 Ages: 13+ …


TT Bonus Episode – Ghostel Kickstarter Final Days

Bevan solo-hosts for this super-special bonus episode of the podcast. He first gives an update of the campaign (spoiler: it’s mega-close!), then rolls into an interview with Rachel Dobbs, the graphic designer who has put together all the art pieces on Ghostel. Bevan then finishes with a quick recap of how you guys can get in contact.


TT#23 – It’s a MFGCast/Talking Tinkerbots Cross-over!

Gino and Bevan chat to Kurt from the MFGCast, a cracking podcast about tabletop and video gaming from across the Pond. In this cross-over episode, we discuss the the difference between board gaming in America versus in Britain, and Bevan puts Gino and Kurt through their paces with a quiz of well known phrases and acronyms in the board gaming hobby, enjoy!


TT#22 – A look back to 2015, a look forward to 2016 and the 2015 TT quiz!

The whole gang is back! We have a look at the awesome year of gaming that was 2015, Bevan puts Gino and Tony through their paces with a 3 round quiz on the industry in 2015 and we finish with what we’re looking forward to in 2016 (psst, spoiler: the Ghostel Kickstarter is top of our list!). Enjoy! 1:57 – Taking a look back at 2015 34:40 – Bevan is Quizmaster in the Tinkerbot’s 2015 quiz 56:14 – An excited look forward to 2016 59:20 – Credits by Gino and Outro music


Ghostel goes to Horsham!

Hey folks! So last weekend I had the pleasure of attending the BattleQuest Games Day set up by Andy, owner of the local Horsham game store BattleQuest Games. Andy was kind enough to allow me to take Ghostel along to show off the latest prototype in the hope of gaining some last minute feedback and generate that all important buzz ahead of the Kickstarter campaign early next year. I was absolutely blown away by the response, as Ghostel stayed in play throughout the entire day! Some of the comments included ‘how often have you playtested this, it feels really polished’, ‘dude, this artwork is very cool!’ and even ‘when are …


TT#21 – New Music, Ghostel is coming and Spreading the Love!

In this short and sweet episode Bevan is going solo! There’s a quick set of updates of all that happening on the upcoming Ghostel Kickstarter campaign, and a few shout outs to a couple of industry chaps and chapettes we feel that are pretty darn awesome, plus our brand spanking new intro/outro music! Hopefully our next podcast will return to it’s regularly scripted programming soon. Enjoy!

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Damage Orbs! (Board Games Anagrams)

Can you figure out all 10 board game anagrams? Hey folks, how about a bit of light fun today? Below you’ll find 10 board game anagrams, how many can you solve without looking it up? (click on the anagram to reveal the answer)

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Ghostel Kickstarter live date announced

Hey folks! So things are really hotting up on the Ghostel Kickstarter campaign and I just wanted to give you guys and gals an update. So the big question is: When will we be going live? Well, the campaign itself is done in terms of all the elements needed to get us going. However, there are a few elements that myself and Gino aren’t happy with. We want this campaign to be great, not just good, so with that in mind we’re taking some extra time to put the polish on some elements. To get this done, we’d be looking at a December launch. This is a notoriously bad time …