This infographic may be useful to people planning a board game Kickstarter campaign. For everyone else it’s an interesting look at the timeline for fulfilling a campaign like ours.

On January 26th 2016 we launched the Kickstarter Campaign to produce our game Ghostel. We set ourselves a deadline of fulfilling all pledges by the end of February 2018, giving ourselves 399 days to run the campaign and deliver the rewards to every backer.

Below is a timeline of every major step of the journey through those 399 days.

We’ve also included a little envelope icon to show the dates of each of our Kickstarter backer updates.

There’s a full breakdown of the major statistics from the Kickstarter Campaign on another blog post here: Ghostel – A Post Kickstarter Analysis

Following the success of this campaign and popularity of the game Ghostel, we launched a second Kickstarter Campaign today to produce two expansions for the game and more. You can see it here: Expansions for Ghostel



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