Hey there! We’re Tinkerbot Games! We publish board games and sell affordable gaming tables.

Our first game published is Ghostel which we funded by raising over £20,000 on Kickstarter in January of 2016. Then, in October 2017, we raised another £21,500 to fund the expansions for Ghostel. That campaign was fully funded in 66 minutes.

In 2022 we successfully funded two games! Firstly Glorious Wrestling Alliance: Ultrabrawl which was a collaboration project with the brilliantly talented Josh Hicks. Then later that year we funded Haunticulture, the spiritual success to Ghostel. This one funded in 75 minutes!

We write articles on game design, game theory and general board game discussion, and we host a podcast all about board games and the board gaming industry.


Born in Salisbury, this displaced Cornishman spent his early life bouncing around Europe as a member of the Army Brat Brigade before settling back on his native soil of Cornwall. His love affair with gaming blossomed upon his return, starting out as many do with wargaming. He later escaped again and picked up a degree in Biology in Cardiff, before trying his hand at teaching (quickly learning he wasn’t cut out to be a teacher). It was in Cardiff that the gaming bug really took hold, a heady mix of new friends, new funds and no bedtime.

A sideways move to Swindon, the land of roundabouts, Bevan fell into his current role as a microbiologist. It was here that the gaming cycle was fulfilled, as natural progression led Bevan to turn his hand and imagination to designing games of his own. Bevan now spends his time dreaming up new ideas whilst infecting those who stand still too long with his gaming lurgy.

Bevan started his own games design company – Blue Cat Games – and continues to design games by himself under this name. A game from Blue Cat Games, Hack the Block, was one of the finalist entries for the UK Games Expo Redesign Competition. After the finalists had been announced, Gino and Tony approached Bevan and asked him to join them in working on their latest design The Tower of Tolroth. Bevan is a co-designer on Tolroth and will be working on future designs with Gino and Tony.

You can contact Bevan on twitter at @Zombevan


Originally trained as a teacher, Gino now splits his time between designing board games, trying to get his 3D printer working, and supporting the Welsh tech community.

Gino’s favourite aspect of gaming is seeing innovative and exciting new mechanics being designed into games.

You can contact Gino on twitter at @ginobrancazio

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  1. Hi guys, we are in London. What do I need to do to get any expansions for the retail version of Ghostel? We love the game and are looking to deepen the experience. Thank you

    1. Hi Umberto, apologies for the late late reply! Expansions are now available for sale on the website.