Are we about to ruin our board game with this idea?

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Some of you may already know that the three of us are working on Ghostel. It’s Bevan’s design but Me and Tony are helping him out with development. We’re getting ready for the Kickstarter campaign and got onto the subject of this blog post: Game Art

So naturally, with 3 people working on a project you’re eventually going to have different opinions on some things. With the game art we had 3 different artists in mind, and we couldn’t decide which one to use.

After a week of light debate (I’m really sorry Tony, I promise the scar won’t be that bad) I had a one of my always brilliant* ideas: Let’s get concept art from all 3 artists and let the backers decide!

So the plan went as follows:

  • Get the same image drawn by each artist
  • Post all three images on the Kickstarter campaign page
  • Let every backer have the chance to vote on which art style they preferred
  • Find out the most popular artist, get the art made, produce board game, win at life.

Getting over-excited, I’d figured out the logistics of how we’d do it and had everything in place. But the same thought occurred to all of us: What if it puts people off?

Without doing a lot of research we were fairly sure this hadn’t been done before in board games (at least, not that we knew of) so the surprise factor would have been nice. A good ‘hook’ to get people to check out ‘that board game that’s letting backers choose their art’ but we decided that going in blind was a bad idea, better to do some research first. So we went to social media, proposed the plan and got some opinions. Twitter was the only place we had much response:

This is what people had to say:

  Then I asked the esteemed Jamey Stegmaier (Prince of board game Kickstarters)


So as you can see, mixed opinions. What about your opinion? What do you think we should do?

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*not always brilliant

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