Gino pitches in with a micro-review of the popular but challenging Arkham Horror
The Call of Cthulu

It’s easy to get caught up in the mythos and sense of adventure, but Arkham Horror is not for the faint of heart. Play begins by choosing one of the many characters; each with unique skills and starting equipment allowing you to pick an investigator to match your style. They also have just enough backstory to make you care when they die (which they almost certainly will). The ability to adjust your character’s stats using the slider (sacrificing one skill to boost another) is a fun way to change up the gameplay by reacting to the chaotic world of horror and darkness. You have to work to survive and prevent the Ancient One from awakening, but every small success feels like a huge victory. It also helps to play this with someone who is already familiar with the game’s many rules. Arkham Horror is a good game with which to settle down and challenge yourself. Grab some trusted friends, stock up your supplies and be careful whose door you knock upon in Arkham City.


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