Bevan pitches in with one of four micro-reviews of  Elder Sign for Indie Cardboard’s Four Player Review.

Elder Sign - hold on to those dice
Elder Sign – hold on to those dice

A card and dice game set in the rich universe of Call of Cthulhu, Elder Sign has players join forces to explore a museum and its deck of rooms with tasks for each player to overcome before hopefully sealing an Elder God away. Completing tasks involves rolling Elder Sign’s custom dice, meaning that especially early in the game players can find themselves victims of bad luck. However, a myriad of weapons, spells and followers combined with assistance from other players allows clever communal tactics to mitigate the effects of blind chance. The variety of Elder Gods to vanquish, rooms to complete and even ‘otherworld’ areas to explore means each play can be unique, but Elder Sign does suffer from the issue of more experienced players sometimes running the table. Still, this game remains accessible, particularly with the right group of players, and the distinctive dark mystery concepts and desperation felt as you play link strongly to H.P. Lovecraft’s own singular themes.

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