Bevan joins in with one of four micro-reviews of Smash Up for Indie Cardboard’s Four Player Review.

Smash Up
Smash Up

Smash Up sounds simple, and it is, but every card generally includes wacky rules text that either breaks the rules or interferes with other players. A couple of niggles do persist though; some faction combinations are clearly more powerful than others, showing a possible lack of balancing during play testing. Also, card ‘usefulness’ is highly varied, meaning I had dead draws some turns. That said, Smash Up is still a clever card game with tons of variety, a surprising depth of strategy and gorgeous over-the-top artwork that really pops off the box like a B-Movie monster poster. It’s relatively short play time lends itself as a warm-up or filler game; just remember, it is a card game, so do prepare to be screwed over by not drawing your best cards before your friends.

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