In his latest review Bevan-bot wields his mighty machete of justice and sets the record straight on the shuffling scourge of mankind in Zombicide.

Don’t turn around…

Zombies are big, trending like mad in all shapes, sizes and medias; movies, video games, books, comics, even television is getting in on the act with big budget series The Walking Dead. Table top gaming hasn’t been immune (we all know the virus has no cure!), with the undead cannibals being main actors and bit players in every genre from TCG to war games. So why is Zombicide special enough to stand out from the shuffling, decaying crowd? Well, let me tell you all about it, just as long as you promise not to take a chunk outta my brain…

Zombicide is the brain child of designer team Guillotine Games and was released following a massive Kickstarter campaign by CoolMiniOrNot. At $781,597 and 5258 backers, it was clear that Zombicide had a lot to live up to.

Opening the box, the first thing I spotted was the number of bits you get. Zombicide isn’t cheap, retailing at around £60-70, but here is the reason. The parts list is huge, with 71 miniatures, 110 mini cards, 9 modular game boards, rulebook and stacks of tokens, player boards and dice. All of it is heavy duty and built to last. The cast on the miniatures is clear and well-detailed enough that it could be painted if you become so inclined, and the variety of the zombies means the board will not look like the dance line in a Michael Jackson music video; in short it’ll will look the part of a shambling horde of Zed heads all closing on the earnest survivors.

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