Flipping awesome..or Great Games and Good Eating for March

I love March, despite the mixed up weather and never knowing if I need a coat or sun cream, as it has one of my favourite days of the year in it…pancake day! This month, I suggest serving either classic pancakes or american-style pancakes with any of these games.

Great games and good eating for December

December always brings me fond memories of hours playing board games with my family, sometimes falling out, often going over the allowability of certain two-letter words in scrabble that certain family members insist on playing – you know who you are! I can’t promise the suggestions here will stop any falling out but they should […]

Great Games and Good Eating for November

Bonfire night, fireworks, plots. November is a brilliant month for spending time with family, so many activities to do, and of course this includes board games. Here are my suggestions for great games to try in November and I’ve also included ideas for snacks to help get your gaming night off to a bang.