Ghostel Top 10 Family Game Celebration Sale!

To celebrate Ghostel being named in The Dice Tower’s Top 10 Family Games of 2017 by Tom Vasel, Tinkerbot Games are going to run a sale from now until the end of January! You can get Ghostel for a discounted price of £29 with FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE. So if you have a bit of Christmas […]

Tinkerbot Games are launching the Helperbots Network!

Howdy! If you’re reading this, you’ve made the first step to becoming a Helperbot. The helperbots are a group of like-minded board gamers looking to join our little community and help out with play testing, conventions and other promotional work. Each time we have something exciting to do, the Helperbots will be offered a chance […]

The Best Board Game Video Ever?

Greg Cornell has just released quite possible the most amazing board game video ever. It’s about Ghostel, so I might be slightly biased, but check it out! It’s stop motion and truly brilliant. The stop-motion ghosts …. just watch. (Link:    

399 Days of a Kickstarter Campaign – A Ghost Story

This infographic may be useful to people planning a board game Kickstarter campaign. For everyone else it’s an interesting look at the timeline for fulfilling a campaign like ours. On January 26th 2016 we launched the Kickstarter Campaign to produce our game Ghostel. We set ourselves a deadline of fulfilling all pledges by the end […]

Ghostel Expansion: Trick or Treaters, Families, Basements and New Ghosts

I was wrong. So very, very wrong. You see, after the campaign for Ghostel had ended, we at Tinkerbot Games had a sit-down and decided on what we should do next as a company. Bevan felt like we should expand Ghostel, offer new and exciting ways for players to enjoy the game, and add more […]

Ghostel Wins Family Silver Award 2017

Today the Imagination Games (IG) Awards were released and we’re very proud to announce that Ghostel was awarded a Silver Award for Family Games. Imagination Games used the following criteria for the Family Game category:   The key element of a good “family” game for us, is that everyone can play it… with everyone else… […]

The Tinkerbots at the UK Games Expo 2017

The Tinkerbots are going to the UK Games Expo with Free Stuff! What are we going to be doing there? A few things! Ghostel – We will have a demo of Ghostel on display for you try, and copies of Ghostel available for you to buy! Board Gaming Accessories – We’ll be selling a variety […]

TableTop Day 2017

The Tinkerbots are going to Cardiff! Well, that’s no big surprise really as one of us is based in Cardiff and another is nearby. BUT specifically, we’re going to be at the Rules of Play TableTop Day event! Yes, you can join us on Saturday 29th April at the Angel Hotel for board games and […]