This year was our first time at the UKGE as proper stallholders, we had tables and everything! We tried to make a time-lapse video of setting up the stand but we had to stop halfway through, still, this is what we got. (Note Tony doing the setup while Gino does all the heavy lifting).


Still, it was worth it in the end, here’s what the stand looked like when it was mostly done.

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Soon after we were done a special visitor appeared and said some lovely things about Ghostel.

That’s Tom Vasel for anyone who doesn’t know, he’s the creator of the Dice Tower, go Google it!

Also, the eagle-eye among you may see a sneaky Tony photo-bombing in the background…

We also had a bit of fun with a dragon riding suit, check out Bevan taking Rhodri out for a walk.

But what was really fun was meeting all the lovely people at the expo, and seriously I mean that. So many of you Kickstarter Backers and Ghostel players came along to our stand just to say hello and to tell us how much you liked Ghostel and it was an honour to hear those kind words. We even had visitors who were the people that were turned into guest cards in Ghostel! After the first two we got the great idea to get a photo of them holding their card, so sorry if yours isn’t here, we didn’t think of it fast enough!

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The lucky dip was a huge success again! With 3 winners this year, all of whom chose a discounted copy of Ghostel as their prize. We got photos of two of them.


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And last but not least is this guy, who juggled our giant ghosts!

Thanks to Leo Chell for that. You can find his twitter handle here.

I want to thank our wonderful helperbots, Alex, Sarah and Will, who helped us on the stand during the weekend. We would not have coped without your help. We should have got a team photo! Doh!

A huge thank you to everyone who came along, we couldn’t possibly name you all, but you made the show a massive success for us and sent us home with three big smiles.

Gino, Bevan and Tony.