I love March, despite the mixed up weather and never knowing if I need a coat or sun cream, as it has one of my favourite days of the year in it…pancake day! This month, I suggest serving either classic pancakes or american-style pancakes with any of these games.

If you can get this game, A La Carte is one of my favourites and comes with a mini frying pan, and even has a mini stove! You choose a recipe and put it in your pan then each turn you can either turn up the heat on your stove, or season the dish by tipping a small bottle filled with wooden tokens into your pan, but be careful not to ruin the dish by over-seasoning! And other players might turn up your heat too, resulting in burning. The person with the most victory points from completed dishes at the end wins.
As for the pancake, you put it in your pan then try to flip it on each of your turns before it burns. Easier said than done!

For more flipping fun, Korean kickstarter Yummy Yummy Pancake sees 2-4 players trying to flip pancakes in a frying pan. One player puts eight pancakes into the pan face up, then flips as many as possible before choosing one face down pancake and another player to guess its topping. If they guess the topping correctly, they get the pancake and the active player can keep challenging or end their turn and pass play to the next player. The person with the most pancakes when the supply runs out wins.

Learning Resources Pancake Pile-Up Matching Relay Race GameMixing it up a little, Pancake Pile Up is a dexterity game played by 2-12 players in two teams. The teams compete in a relay race using a spatula to stack plastic pancakes without the stack falling over. The first team to get the right pancakes and pile them up without everything falling over wins!


Want to share your favourite games or recipes for March – post in the comments below, we love hearing from you.