Happy New Year! How often do we start with great intentions and before January’s ended, so has our willpower? To help keep those resolutions, here’s some ideas for board games to try before you give in to temptation…

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image from rules of play website


If you need a caffeine fix, try Cappuccino. This fast-paced game lets 2-4 players stack cappuccino cups of different colours to create towers and score points. But beware, you may only place cups on top of other cups that are adjacent and equal to or smaller than the stack you’re moving cups from. Like many of the best games, this seems to be a simple game but will quickly have you thinking about strategies to get the tallest stacks!



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If you’re trying to keep fit but want to game as well, try Happy Salmon. This game sees 3-6 players try to get rid of all of their cards by matching them with other players and doing the actions. From high fives to switcheroos (switching places) and of course the “happy salmon”, this game will have you interacting with your friends and moving about, and who could fail to smile at the cute casing. After all this fun, try cooling down with a quick and simple banana sorbet.




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image from stonemaier games

If you’ve given up alcohol but still fancy a tipple, try Viticulture with a lime & tonic. 2-6 players are vying for the best winery by competing to place workers (or visitors) to take actions, which vary depending on the season. Players can then build, plant or fulfil wine orders to make their winery a success and win the game.

Have a great 2019, and good luck with those resolutions – let us know how you get on in the comments!



PS if you’ve given up on all the health food, I’ve included a recipe for a given up grilled cheese sandwich, not healthy but tasty!