Exciting news in Tinkerbot Towers! Recently the latest issue of Tabletop Gaming Magazine was released and guess who appeared in it?!….go on guess….no……..YES! It was us! Well, it was Bevan to be specific and his game Ghostel! Check out the nice things they had to say about it!ttmag

A big thanks to Tabletop Gaming Magazine for their kind words about Ghostel. The magazine is top notch (yeah, of course we’re biased but we liked it before we were in it). It’s still fairly young but is doing a fab job of being a board gaming magazine. I could try and explain how good it is but you’d be better off checking out the website and subscribing to get the magazine! It really is good, and who knows, maybe we’ll be in it again in future….

For board game designers

If you’re wondering if exposure in a magazine is worth working towards to gain publicity for your game then you may be interested to know that within days of the magazine being published someone posted about it to Board Game Geek. This is great to see as we now know that the magazine is bringing Ghostel to the attention of people who haven’t heard of it before.

To make this easier for magazines we pointed the nice people at Tabletop Gaming Magazine towards our Ghostel Page and wrote a press release for them to use. We also created a public folder on dropbox with images they could use.

For advice on writing a press release we found a lot of great online resources. The two that we used most were Jamey Stegmaier’s Kickstarter lessons post and this post on board game geek.