Hey folks! So last weekend I had the pleasure of attending the BattleQuest Games Day set up by Andy, owner of the local Horsham game store BattleQuest Games. Andy was kind enough to allow me to take Ghostel along to show off the latest prototype in the hope of gaining some last minute feedback and generate that all important buzz ahead of the Kickstarter campaign early next year.

I was absolutely blown away by the response, as Ghostel stayed in play throughout the entire day! Some of the comments included ‘how often have you playtested this, it feels really polished’, ‘dude, this artwork is very cool!’ and even ‘when are you launching? I really want to back this!’. All of which was a huge boost for us here at Tinkerbot Towers, giving us even more drive to see Ghostel in print.

It wasn’t all plain sailing, as several of the eagle-eyed players spotted the double 89 on the score tracker and the terminology incongruity on the guest powers crib card. Overall however, the gameplay was smooth and even with players either figuring things out for themselves or just a quick reference to the rulebook. I also saw some cheeky uses of the Ghostly Barrier card that were so cutthroat I’m not sure they would have been suitable for those of a nervous disposition!

It was a blast of a day, and I’m very much looking forward to the next one in the Spring. A massive thank you to everyone who played, commented, giggled (new in-joke: the hick ghost!) and set up this event, much appreciated folks!