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jokeroz, Jan 2017

My wife (who rarely games and will join in with the kids) surprised herself in having more fun than she thought. My daughter and myself loved it she especially enjoyed the sneaking in to nab the points form under someone else’s nose (very devious 9 yo!) my 7 yo son was “helping” me move, the nuances were lost on him but I enjoyed his wanting to be involved.

All in all glad I backed and will see the table as a family game regularly.

Terence Burnett, January 2017 

Just received mine. Components are great. Thick linen cardstock.
Ghost meeples are fantastic, paperweights almost. Box size was a pleasant surprise. With shelf space at a premium it was refreshing to have a practical size box instead of today’s fad of selling boxes of air.
Receiving ahead of schedule for a first time KS shows you guys did your homework.

Would be glad to back future games from the “Bots”

Nigel Belmont, January 2017

Hi Gino, mine arrived yesterday and it’s just AWESOOOOOOOOME. Cant thank you guys enough for a classic game, you all did so much to keep us up to date and made sure we all got our games as soon as humanly possible, so follow these instructions…..
1. get everyone involved and all stand in a circle facing the back of the next person
2. reach out and pat the back of the person in front of you and say “well done for doing such an awesome job” knowing that you all contributed to making Ghostel the Great game it is.

Many thanks to all at Tinkerbot Games.

Oz Locke, January 2017 

Played this morning and loved it, very original and fun 🙂

J. H. Driessen, January 2017 

We played Ghostel for the first time this afternoon and we loved it.
My 10 year old niece was the scariest ghost.
Thank you for this great game,
J.H. Driessen, The Netherlands

Helle Iversen, January 2017 

Juubiii I received my package today. Thanks for doing an amazing job with the game and delivering it before February.

Chua Han Theng (Jason), January 2017 

Just got my copy of the game today, thank you for such an early surprise!! I have been waited for this game for such a long time!!! OMG thank you so much for sending it over to me in such a short period of time

Clay, January 2017 

Played this with my wife and brother in law. We all really enjoyed it. Excellent component quality as well.

Kyle Schroer, January 2017 

Received mine today. Ghost meeples look great!

Helle Iversen, February 2017

Finally I got to unbox the game with Line, the result is on youtube full unboxing and a short version
Hope that we can play it this weekend.

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retroguysk, Feb 2017

This has been a game that we go for just about every chance we can. My wife and I love the two player variant and it’s been great when we’ve had more around the table as well. It’s straight forward, yet has a lot of fun strategy. It’s definitely turning into one of our go to games!

kurtisprimm Feb 2017

Really enjoy this little game. It is easy to learn and fun to play. My whole family plays and loves it. It is fun at any time but real good to play around Halloween. Get that Ghostie in there and scare away those pesky guests.

sarahmia Feb 2017

The quality of the elements in the game are so nice – really love the 3D ghost player tokens! Game play is a lot of fun and the artwork is great, too. Also glad to receive the Cultist expansion, which can give you a bit of an edge so make sure you play with it! The only downside for me is that it’s 4 player max, really wish it was 5!

Olive Decker Feb 2017

I backed this on Kickstarter and love it. Easy to play and great rule book….has great strategy and depth to it.

Dream17 Feb 2017

Got this after seeing a card of a friend. Fantastic, easy to learn and had great fun

Spagetti69 Jan 2017

Great dice placement for family’s and a bit of crunch for gamers. Outfox your opponents and attempt to be the scariest ghost of them all. Guests have scare values that need to be achieved. Ideally you want to be the only presence present.
Cooperation is needed though to bag the big points. Game bending cards add another spice to this spooky speculation scare fest.

geeksinwales Sep 2016

A highly enjoyable game that’s easy to learn and also has enough room for strategy to be accessible to players of a wide range of skill levels.The artwork is stunning and the game has great replay value (plus those 3D ghost meeples are adorable!)

JCtoodles Jun 2016

Great fun. Simple to learn. Sort-of cooperative and seriously vicious, if that’s the way you want to play. And it was. And we did!!

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