Ghostel: Solo Challenge Mode

You will need a timer that allows measurement on 1 minute.

The gameplay remains the same as the main game with the following differences:

  • During set up, remove the Ghostly Barrier cards from the Spookie Favour deck before dealing a Scare tactic and a Spookie favour for each ghost. Each ghost will in effect have their own ‘hand’ only they can use during the Night.
  • You’ll be playing on your own, however you’ll be controlling two ghosts instead of one.
  • Each ghost has a starting dice pool of 4 dice instead of 3
  • You cannot buy new Scare tactics, Spookie’s Favours or Terror bonus cards between rounds.
  • Shuffle the Challenge card deck and deal five out in a row, face down.
  • Before rolling your Terror Dice and starting the timer, turn over the next card in the Challenge Card row. These will change the rules of what you need to do for this next Night. There will therefore be five Nights during the course of your game.
  • Now for the biggest change: You only have one minute to play out your Night phase. The timer starts as soon as you roll your Terror Dice (if you roll each ghost’s dice separately, only start the timer once the second set of dice have been rolled). Any dice/movement not used by the end of the minute are lost!
    • Lost movement/dice doesn’t mean an automatic failure.
  • If you win a Challenge, move onto the next Night/Challenge. If you fail, you may draw a single Scare tactic or Spookie favour card and give it to one of your ghosts.
    • If you fail a Challenge, you don’t need to repeat it.
    • All the points listed on a Challenge must be scored in the same night; you can’t use two Nights to complete the same Challenge
    • Dice remain on the board as would happen in a multi-player game, and your dice pool is ‘topped up’ as normal too.
  • You win the game if you complete 3 out of the 5 challenges. If you complete all 5, you are the scare master!



The Challenges are split into two parts. The top section details the minimum or maximum points you must score in a Night phase and the minimum number of guests you have to scare from the hotel. The bottom section includes any special rules or restrictions that may apply to this Challenge, such as not being able to play cards or needing to scare all people with phobias out of the house.