Today the Imagination Games (IG) Awards were released and we’re very proud to announce that Ghostel was awarded a Silver Award for Family Games.

Imagination Games used the following criteria for the Family Game category:


The key element of a good “family” game for us, is that everyone can play it… with everyone else… and to its full potential. Yes, there are lots of games that are good for all ages, but often that can mean it works when adults play each other or when children play it together. We love games that can get a really wide range of ages and abilities together on a level playing field, whether it’s a five minute dash or a 45 minute stalk, will everyone find it fun and competitive at the same time. If so, you’re onto a winner.

We do also recognise that “families” have very different make ups, and can be focused around an older age group or be specifically centered around a larger number of younger children. As such we have included a huge range of titles to be shortlisted in this all en-compassing category, and we will endeavour to find the right balance in judging the awards!

We’ve heard so much feedback from families about how much they enjoy playing together as a mix of ages, so it’s wonderful for us to receive this recognition from Imagination Games.

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