Eldritch Horror follows on from Arkham with a continuation of the rich story you learned to love and the monsters you’ve come to hate. Instead of moving around the city of Arkham, players are travelling the world dealing with evil and horribleness at every turn. The sense of impending doom is lighter in this game and the rules are a bit simpler, but it doesn’t make winning the game any easier! Still a great challenge but a lot easier to pick up and run with.

I don’t think we have enough ammo…

For newer players or those looking for a more relaxing game, Eldritch Horror is definitely a recommended option. One particularly enjoyable feature is the way some cards you draw are read to you by another player, the results of which change depending on how you reacted to the text at the top. This method is a great way to keep downtime between turns to a minimum and engage players in a fun way that feels like you have more input.

Bottom line: So much more than just Arkham-Lite, this is a simpler game with more reasonable mechanics for those looking to have fun as well as a bit of a challenge. You will still almost certainly die.


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