While packing to go on holiday this Summer, we had the inevitable discussion about which games to take…they can’t be too big…wait we’re only taking hand luggage – can we take any games?!

In the end we decided to forego packing physical games and instead rely on digital versions, some of our favourites for pass and play are shown here.

Image result for ticket to ride app

A classic but still a favourite – Ticket to Ride works really well on a tablet. 2 – 5 players compete to build train lines to connect cities that match their destination goal cards. To do this, you can draw cards or use the cards to claim routes, collecting points for longer routes. As pass and play on a tablet, this works well, although you can miss notifications for which routes have been claimed. A Virgin Blueberry Mojito will help you keep your head in this game, as well as being delicious.

App Review: Patchwork

Another favourite is Patchwork, which is a nice solo or 2 player game. I this quilting game, you sew a blanket by choosing pieces and earning extra points for buttons. There is some strategic thinking in terms of selecting the pieces as the player behind takes turns until their button marker is ahead of the opponent’s. Again, this works well as pass and play, although you do have to watch what your opponent has done in their turn.

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Finally, Lords of Waterdeep lets up to 5 players collect resources to complete quests and earn victory points. As in the board game, players use 8 rounds to decide where to place their agents on a board to do actions, such as getting resources or choosing quests. This is fun as a pass and play, although sometimes the loading screen takes a little longer than I’d like, although I’ve been told I’m impatient so this might not be an issue for everyone! A Summer Berry Cocktail will help wash down any bad tastes from opponents taking spaces you really wanted in this game!

Want to share your favourite games or recipes for going on holiday – post in the comments below, we love hearing from you.