This weekend should have been the UK Board Games Expo and guess who had an article in the magazine! As it isn’t going ahead right now, I’m posting a series of articles that pair some of the 2018 winners of the UK Board Games Expo awards with a recipe to make your next games evening delicious. I’ve chosen shorter family friendly games as this is what my family leans towards and so you can fit in as many as possible.

Maki Stack Blue Orange Maki Stack Family Party Game: Toys & Games
Image from amazon

This fast paced sushi stacking dexterity game sees between 2-6 players compete to stack sushi, plates and soy sauce to match exactly the images on cards. You can play solo or in teams (using 1 finger each to chopstick the pieces into place!) and even blinfolded if you’re feeling really confident! The fastest player or team to match the card wins that card and the first to 6 cards is the winner. It’s as easy, and as difficult, as that!

And what else to go with this game than homemade sushi rolls. These take a little time to make and the trick is to not pack the seaweed with filling. Don’t worry if they’re not perfect (the picture shows mine weren’t), just roll with it!



Note: a sushi rolling mat is helpful, but if you don’t have one, a clean tea towel and clingfilm is a good substitute.


Follow the instructions on the bag of sushi rice to get perfect rice. Seriously, do not deviate from the instructions.

This is harder to do when the kids help – still tastes good though!

Wait for it to cool (this is important!). Take the nori seaweed and lay it lengthways on the sushi mat. Take a small amount of rice and put it on the seaweed in a thin, flat rectangle less than 1cm thick, leaving at least 1cm of seaweed on the long side furthest from you. If you like it spicy, a very thin layer of wasabi is nice but if you don’t like heat, steer well clear! Put your choice of fillings on top of the rice, less is more if you want a tight roll. Start to roll as tightly as you can. Brush the edge without rice with water to stick it down. Cut into thick slices and enjoy with your choice of soy sauce, wasabi or pickled ginger.

What would you pair with Maki Stack – let us know in the comments below and enjoy!