In this series, I’m pairing 2018 winners of UK Games Expo Awards with tasty recipes. Enjoy!

Ticket to Ride: New York

ttr ny cover

8 This game is a great introduction to the Ticket to Ride franchise – 2-4 people can experience drawing tickets and then collecting cards to claim routes and the smaller map of Manhattan (and Brooklyn) means you can play a much shorter game than other Ticket to Ride games. You start with 15 taxis and 1 or 2 locations and then take it in turns to either draw 2 transportation cards or take 1 face-up taxi, which counts as any colour, or claim a route by playing your cards to match a coloured route on the board or draw more destination cards. Play ends when someone is down to 2 taxis and then everyone takes a final turn before scoring routes, destination tickets and tourist attractions. The winner is whoever has the most points after minusing any uncompleted destination tickets.

Trying to think of typical New York snacks to enjoy with this game, I chose cookies. I’ve gone with oat and raisin but if you want classic chocolate chip, swap the raisins for 2 generous handfuls of chocolate chips and swap the oats for more regular flour. Enjoy American style with a glass of milk.

Oat and Raisin Cookies



Preheat oven to 200c (180c fan). Mix the dry ingredients together. Add the butter and rub it in until it’s a consistency you can roll out. Roll to about 1cm thickness then cut out the cookies. Put into the oven for 10-15 minutes until golden. Let cool before eating…if you can wait that long!

Raisins are a fruit right…

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