In this series, I’m pairing some of the 2018 winners of the UK Games Expo awards with tasty recipes. In this hot weather, here’s a nice refreshing beverage to enjoy whilst gaming. What “secret brew” would you pair with your games? Comment below, we love hearing from you.

Quacks of Quedlinburg

quacks cover

In this game, between 2-4 players act as quack doctors making their own brews using ingredients represented by ingredient chips. In each round players draw these chips from their own bags and add them to their pot, whilst hoping not to get too many cherry bombs, which will blow up the pot! Each round ends with scoring victory points and coins based on the strength of ingredients in the pot, which can be spent on new ingredients for future rounds. Those with exploded pots have to choose between points or coins, so be careful when pushing your luck! The winner is whoever has the most victory points after nine rounds!

To go with this game, get creative and make your own fancy cocktails or “secret brew”. My suggestion is below.

Secret Brew



Frost the glass by dipping the rim of the glass into a bowl of water and then a bowl of sugar. Put the ice into the glass until it’s about 1/3 full. Then add a measure of lime cordial, twice as much cranberry juice and top with tonic water.

I layered the tonic water by putting a spoon into the glass with the tip touching the cordial and the rounded back facing upwards so it rested on the lime / cranberry mixture.

If you want to choose your own flavours and create a layered look, start with the drink with the highest sugar content (the densest) and work to the lowest sugar content. Note that low sugar squashes and cordials do not help if you want to create layers.