Five days into April and we’ve already had scorching sun and hailstones! The seasons are definitely changing and I’ve started to think about when to plant out the seedlings that have been growing quietly inside, so this month’s post is inspired by the seasons and growth.

Seasons board game front of box. Eye-catching art, for sure!

In Seasons, up to 4 players act as sorcerers competing to earn the highest number of points (crystals) over 12 seasons. You start by drafting 9 cards, then separating these into 3 decks to use throughout the rest of the game. In the tournament, a player rolls the seasons dice and each player chooses 1. These dice allow you to: increase your maximum playable number of cards, harvest energy used to pay the cost of the cards, crystallise energy for resources or victory points or draw new cards. The time track is then moved forward and the next season begins!

Kodama (2nd Edition): Front of box

This cute game reminds me of my love of gardening and a Mississippi mud pie is a great accompaniment to this game. In Kodama, 2-5 players cultivate trees to please your very own Kodama tree spirit and gain points by placing cards to grow branches with the right combination of flowers and insects. At the end of each season, a Kodama will grant you points for how well your tree pleases it. The highest number of points wins.

bunny kingdom front coverAnd finally, as it’s Easter this month, try Bunny Kingdom alongside Scoopy the Spoonicorn’s favourite ice cream easter egg.

This game sees 2-4 players drafting cards over 4 turns and aiming to position warrens on the board, get resources for colonies, build cities to increase influence and gain secret objectives to earn the most points.

Want to share your favourite games or recipes for April – post in the comments below, we love hearing from you.