Last month, I was lucky enough to play a test version of Throw Throw Burrito and I loved it! In this card/agility game, players aim to get sets of 3 to earn points, but there’s a twist…if you get a set of burrito cards, you start a version of burrito dodgeball and whoever gets hit first takes a burrito bruise, which loses you points. And of course, I’m going to suggest a Don’t Throw Burrito for you to have after the game. Seriously, don’t have any food or drink around you while playing this!

Red November sees up to 8 players cooperate to survive in a gnomish submarine whilst everything goes wrong! Each turn, players can move and use time to perform an action such as repairs, removing obstacles or stocking up. Over the course of the game, Asphyxiation, Heat and Pressure are measured and if any of them reaches the maximum on the disaster track, the submarine is lost! Oh, and other emergencies will also crop up making it harder to stay alive until rescuers arrive!

Pandemic's heroic box art

I promised a recipe for Skull Shortbread this month, and what better game to accompany it than Skull which allows 3-6 players to bluff their way to victory in a reasonably quick game. Each player starts with a set of cards that contains flowers and one skull, you then choose a card face down and start bidding on how many flowers you think you can find. If you get a skull card, you lose and have to lose a card at random. If you win, you get a point and the first to two points wins.

dunwich horror cover

And as a nod to Formula 1 Grand Prix this month, Formula D might get you in the mood for watching some racing. This game puts you in control of a racing car using dice to represent gear changes and speed as you judge how best to take corners and when to open up the throttle on straights to be the first over the line.
On your marks, get set….go!

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