I think October is my absolute favourite month, mainly because I love Halloween! This post brings us to a year of great games and good eating so enjoy this selection of spooky games and recipes to go with them.

First off, make your best “woooooooo” ghost impression for Ghostel (shameless plug – this is available at a discount all this month!). This game sees 2-4 players take the role of ghosts trying to scare guests out of a hotel using pips on dice. There are also cards to boost the dice scores and earn more points. I love this semi-co-operative game and there’s even a single-player mode for solo gaming. Try with these melted ghost biscuits.

Zombicide board game front of box

If you’ve got all evening and a group of cooperative adventurers, Zombicide is a great choice for 1-6 players. Playing as survivors in a zombie apocalypse, teamwork is essential to find weapons, kill zombies and complete the scenarios. There are now many expansions, so you can up the number of players and take your pick of scenarios ranging from a prison outbreak to the black plague. This is a long game, so pumpkin soup is a nice accompaniment, with spider crackers.

tiny epic zombies cover

For a lighter game, Tiny Epic Zombies allows 1-5 players to play cooperatively or competitively to complete objectives. If you’re playing a survivor you can move, fight zombies or search rooms but your character can die if your ammo and wound tokens meet so be careful. In one mode, someone can opt to be the zombies aiming to kill players and prevent them achieving objectives. Some spiced orange juice might help quash the disappointment as your character bites the dust.

We love hearing from you so comment below with your favourite spooky themed games.