September is a time for new beginnings, and back to school so this month I’ve suggested some word games to play with friends. Given the season, and the amount of vegetables we had in the garden, I recommend serving with one of the soup recipes here. Use a cup rather than a bowl so you can continue to play whilst eating!

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In Scattergories, 2-6 players complete a category list with answers that begin with the same letter over 3 rounds. Points are scored if no other player matches your answers. Simples! Short, sweet, fun and a chance to show off your knowledge!

Knit Wit front of box

For a twist, Knit Wit allows players to create their own categories for others to think of words, names or phrases to match the categories. Only unique answers score, so players have to think creatively.

taboo cover

Sticking with the work theme, Taboo sees 4-10 players taking turns to describe words on their cards without using that word or the additional words on the card. This is all against the clock and with the opposing team(s) watching for any “taboo” words being used or any sneaky gestures. Points are earned for correct guesses and the opposition gets a point for each card not completed or where the “taboo” words are used. This is a great party game for a reasonably large group.

We love hearing from you so comment below with your favourite back to school games.