February, a month to curl up by the fire with loved ones, playing board games of course. Here are some suggestions for lovely(!) board games and snacks to help you enjoy February.

Love Letter card game red velvet pouchFirst up is Love Letter, where 2-4 players try to get their love letter to the Princess whilst thwarting opponents trying to do the same. You start with one card in hand, representing someone who could pass a letter to the Princess, then each turn, draw a card and play a card trying to knock other players out. This sounds simple but deciding when to play your more powerful cards makes this game surprisingly compelling and it’s quick enough that you can have a few rounds and still play something else in an evening. There are also a number of variants such as Batman Love Letter, if the original isn’t quite to your taste.

After you’ve put the cards down, try these Puff Pastry Hearts to butter up your friends before moving onto the next game.


fog of love boxIf there’s just two of you for your game night and you fancy some character creation, you could try Fog of Love. In this game, you create and then play two characters who are in love and are trying to make an odd relationship work, with some awkward moments and lots of compromises…much like real life! You have relationship goals, which might not match your partner and you decide how the relationship unfolds, you can even be a heart breaker. This is a long game (60-120 minutes) but can be good fun and who knows, you might meet the love of your life! A drink might help make this even more fun so here’s a recipe for Cranberry Fizz to help your romantic comedy on the way.





And then celebrate with some delicious Chocoholics Chocolate Truffles.

Want to share your favourite games or recipes for February – post in the comments below.