MONSTROUS is a gloriously illustrated deluxe Greek Mythology game from new publishers Good Games Publishing.

We reviewed the game and also interviewed designer and publisher Kim Brebach on our podcast. If you hadn’t already guessed, we like the game (we gave it 3 out of 3 approval spanners) and in fact I’ve even backed it to get an additional copy because we can’t decide on who gets the keep the review copy.

MONSTROUS allows players to be wrathful Greek god hurling mythic monsters down at the mortals to get them back into the temples to restore Faith in the Pantheon. This takes the shape of players throwing cards onto a table with as much grace and skill as they can muster, and that’s not always a lot…

What a miss!
What a miss! oh Tony…

From the designer Kim Brebach:
“Monstrous already has over 1000 backers, great reviews and was named a hot new game at Origins 2015. It funded fast on Kickstarter and has a kickstarter only expansion included already. And best of all – its only $29 with FREE GLOBAL SHIPPING sent by airmail so you get it cheap and fast.”

Kim is using a new(ish) technique of distribution by sending it to individuals directly from China. This could speed things up a lot and might mean that you get the game in your hands sooner than usual for KS games.

In their last few days they are trying to RELEASE THE KRAKEN! It’s a colossal 9 card Kraken in their final deluxe art Legendary Monstrous expansion stretch goal. I REALLY hope they make this stretch goal! Just look at it!


Monstrous needs a few more backers to get there but I think we can do it. Come on, just imagine the look on your friends’ faces when they see you pull out the Kraken at gaming night!

Monstrous ends on Kickstarter on July 9. You can find the Kickstarter here:

Disclaimer: A review copy of the game was provided for use in reviewing the game.