Ghostel Expansions (Sold Out)


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If you missed out on the Kickstarter Campaign you can still get the expansions online! 

Included for the price of £20 £12:

  • BOTH expansions (see below) including 15 custom acrylic candy tokens
  • 5 Legendary guests – Single guest cards that influence other guests and ghosts on the board (Dracula, Wolfman, The Mummy, Jekyll/Hyde and Frankenstein’s Monster)
  • 12 Solo Mode cards – Additional challenge cards to allow for Solo gaming
  • 1 Basement board expansion – add an extra 3 rooms to the hotel

These components are sent un-boxed as they have been designed to fit into the original Ghostel box, saving you space on the shelf!

The full details of what’s included can be found on the campaign page but here’s a quick summary of the two expansions:


  • 8 Trick or Treater Guest Cards 
  • 1 Rules Card 
  • 15 Custom Acrylic Candy Tokens Unique to Ghostel

Halloween is a time for candy, pumpkins and of course, costumes! Enter the Trick or Treaters; children who have entered the hotel in the hope of finding sweets and maybe a scare or two!

Instead of being discarded, these guests will stick around (children are notoriously fascinated with what scares them!) The ghosts will not only score points from these guests, but will also grab candy tokens depending on how well you scare them. These tokens can be used to pay the kids to help you with your ghostly activities, such as giving you extra pips or change the way you can move. But beware! The ToT guests are also fickle, and can be stolen away by your opponents if they have enough candy tokens.

Examples of Trick or Treat Bonuses

The trick or treaters are children guests in halloween costumes! Here is a sample of some of the special bonuses you can use when you hold a trick or treater!

Devil Costume: Reroll a die on the board at the start of the Night 

Vampire Costume: When scoring a scare, you break the tie.

Skeleton Costume: When buying cards, you may take the equivalent card from the discard instead.

Plus many more!


  • 12 Family Values Guest Cards 
  • 1 Rules Card

With Creepstone Manor’s notoriety on the rise, whole families have taken to staying at the hotel in the hopes of meeting its creepy denizens. Of course, Spookie is more than happy to oblige!

Each guest in this expansion is part of a family. The top scarer on these guests not only gains points but will also get to keep the guest card. Players will score additional points at the end of the game based on how many members of each family they have collected and how rare guests in that family are.

A few quotes from some playtesters who have tried the expansions

“Gaining special abilities and being able to steal abilities is a very cool and exciting twist to the game” 
 – Jeremy Berven

“Loved the fact you can steal cards from each other.” 
 – Stephanie Sergeant

“Loved it. Adding the treats to the game gave it a fresh feeling.”
 – Clayton Mytych

“Loved the theme, it is such a perfect fit for the core game…It really is a brilliant little expansion” “Everyone who played it wanted to play it again!! And I think they will be getting copies of the main game from Santa this year!!!”
 – Phil and Lisa Gardner 

“The game is great already but the trick and treat expansion adds more fun and competitiveness with getting character cards.” 
 – Tony Walder