Published Games

Ghostel (2017)


Ghostel is a semi-cooperative family game for 2-4 players that plays in 60 minutes.

Prey on the phobias of guests by turning into their worst nightmares. Work with other ghosts to combine forces, and scare away the hardiest of hotel patrons to earn upgrades and get even scarier!

The randomised guest and dice roll mechanic means each round is different from the next, but there’s more than luck to winning the game.



Haunticulture (2023)

is a 1-4 player bidding and tile placement game that plays in 60 minutes. 

The gardens of Creepstone Manor are a shambles and ghosts can’t use lawnmowers! In Haunticulture, build the best flowerbed amongst your undead peers.

Hire and fire spooky monster gardeners, and use the innovative ‘Grid Bid’ system to grab plant and ornament tiles whilst dodging those pesky Snapper Weeds!



Glorious Wrestling Alliance: Ultrabrawl (2023)


Glorious Wrestling Alliance: Ultrabrawl is a fast-and-frantic card game for 2-4 players that captures all the honour, passion and pageantry of the squared circle.

Based on the comics of the same name, Ultrabrawl sees players assume the roles of one of six GWA combatants as they slug it out in their mission to be crowned champion!

Players play move cards in order to chain together combos, deal damage to their opponents and woo the crowd – all in service of nabbing that all-elusive pinfall. Cards will be drawn, dice will be rolled, egos will be bruised and crushing finishing manoeuvres will be deployed, as the GWA’s faintly ridiculous combatants chop, kick and suplex their way to victory!