Rob Daviau, Emma Larkins & Matt Leacock – Game Design & Pitching Panel Discussion

Join host Gino from Tinkerbot Games as we hear from our panel of board game design experts as they share their insights and experiences about designing and pitching board games. There will be a panel discussion to begin, followed by an audience Q&A.

Our panel:

Rob Daviau – A 20-year industry veteran, Rob has worked on over 80 published games including Risk Legacy, Pandemic Legacy (Seasons 1, 2, and the upcoming 0), Death May Die, Mountains of Madness, Ship Shape, and Betrayal Legacy. He is the inventor of the legacy game concept and is a co-founder of Restoration Games, a company that brings old games back to life.

Matt Leacock – Designer of games such as Pandemic, Pandemic Legacy, Thunderbirds, Forbidden Island and more, Matt is known for creating popular family games and cooperative games.

Emma Larkins – Co-host of the Ludology podcast, Sci-Fi author and designer of games such as Heartcatchers, …and then we died, Abandon All Artichokes.

Watch the video here:

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