Tinkerbot Tables - Any size bespoke gaming tables

Handcrafted from solid sustainably sourced wood. High quality that costs less than you think.

Since 2014 we have been hand making tables for customers, working with them to achieve exactly what they want to make their gaming experience truly memorable, but also practical. If you ever played Twighlight Imperium or a similar epic game then you know the pain of pausing mid way through. Thats why these tables were created. We are constantly adding to it and adding more accessories – you have an idea, let us know and we can make it.

How do you order?

  1. Browse our standard table size in our brochure – or if you need something custom we will make to your sizes for now extra charge.
  2. Click on Customise and Order Now and follow the steps.
  3. We will reply to you with a quote and estimated delivery date.
  4. If you agree, we will ask for a deposit and then get making you table.
  5. Balance is due when delivery of the table is booked – usually 6-8weeks.
  6. Fit the legs and enjoy!

Standard Table Sizes

With a wide selection of standard sizes, and a 6-8 week build time you are sure to find your perfect size at a price that suits you and a time that gets you enjoying games quickly. Cant find a size that fits you? We will make any custom size based on the range below. Simply get in touch with your dimensions and we will do the rest, giving you a quote and design dossier for you to consider over your next playthrough of Gloomhaven or Ghostel.

When the table slats are removed revealing the vault, the table is surrounded by a 10cm wood arm rest that provides comfortable access to the gaming vault. The lights are controlled by remote, and the playing surface holds a comfrotable 90cm high mini. There is a deceptive amount of leg room despite this being one of the deepest vaults available.




Included as standard

Every table is hand built from sustainably sourced solid wood, and comes with the following as standard:

  • Built-in mains-powered colour changing LED lights.
  • Range of high quality wood-stain finishes.
  • Baize Felt or Neoprene surface material in a range of colours.
  • Integrated card holder rails.
  • Removable legs.
  • Full set of slats to cover the gaming vault while not in use.
  • 9cm vault depth – holding a fully set up Gloomhaven or Imperial Assault! No need to flatten those minis to store them.
  • All sizes available as coffee tables

Please note: Chairs are not included with any tables.

Custom Sizes - no extra charge!

If you cant find the perfect size above, use this calculator to estimate the cost of your perfect sized table. All these are available in coffee table variants.

Once your happy click “Customise and Order Now” to send them to us for a quote.


  • Cup Holders
    Cup Holders £30

    Perfect for Mugs and glasses to keep them safe and out of the way

  • RPG Bundle
    RPG Bundle £40

    Screen and extra space for you to plot the downfall, or success of your party!

  • Player Board
    Player Board £28

    Maximise space and keep everything you need for your character together for easy storage and stress free play

  • Player Dashboard
    Player Dashboard £15

    Your favourite game in need for some smart storage to stop it being awkward to play or pause mid game? We have a solution for you

  • Card Holders
    Card Holders £18

    Give yourself space for 4 or 6 decks that slides onto the inside or outside of the tables

  • Token Trays
    Token Trays £18

    Maximise space by putting these token bins on the inside or outside of the table allowing space underneath to be fully utilised

  • Tablet Holder
    Tablet Holder £20

    Ideal for interactive games. Allows charging, and has a little storage space

  • Customised Token Dish
    Customised Token Dish £18

    Go that extra mile and customise your own token dishes.

  • Battery Packs
    Battery Packs £18

    Run the table lights without the mains by adding these handy little battery packs! Average lifetime is roughly 72 hours of play

  • USB Chargers
    USB Chargers £280

    Charge your devices from the table with two of these integrated USB charger sockets. One on each of the long sides of the table allow up to four devices to be charged.

Engraving and Personalisation

Custom engraving is available for accessories at an extra charge – please enquire for more details


Approximate UK shipping is £200

International shipping on request