International TableTop Day 2017 event in Cardiff

The Tinkerbots are going to Cardiff!

Well, that’s no big surprise really as one of us is based in Cardiff and another is nearby.

BUT specifically, we’re going to be at the Rules of Play TableTop Day event!

Yes, you can join us on Saturday 29th April at the Angel Hotel for board games and more!

What are we going to be doing there? A few things!

  1. Ghostel – We will have a demo of Ghostel on display for you try, and some copies of Ghostel available for you to buy!
  2. Board Gaming Accessories – We’ll be selling a variety of fun things to spice up your gaming life, including some fancy dice, glow in the dark meeples and more!
  3. The Lucky Dip! – Due to the overwhelming success of this at DragonDaze last year, we’ll be bringing back the lucky dip for you lucky lucky people! It’s 50p to have a go. Reach into the giant D6 of luck to retrieve one dice. If it’s the Golden Dice you win a prize! If not, you can keep the dice you grabbed.

We’ll be running a few special offers on the day so keep an eye out for those, but more importantly, please feel free to come over and say hi! We love meeting friendly folk.

See you there!