TT#21 – New Music, Ghostel is coming and Spreading the Love! Play in new window | Download (Duration: 9:07 — 8.3MB) | EmbedSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | RSSIn this short and sweet episode Bevan is going solo! There’s a quick set of updates of all that happening on the upcoming Ghostel Kickstarter campaign, and a few shout outs to a couple of industry chaps and chapettes […]

Ghostel Kickstarter live date announced

Hey folks! So things are really hotting up on the Ghostel Kickstarter campaign and I just wanted to give you guys and gals an update. So the big question is: When will we be going live? Well, the campaign itself is done in terms of all the elements needed to get us going. However, there […]

Ghostel Design Blog 5 – The importance of turn order

For this week’s Ghostel blog piece, I’d like to look at the player order impact. A quick warning: this piece will talk a bit about the strategy of Ghostel and as such could be considered spoilers for those that like to learn as they play. If your that kind of player, I advise you to […]

Ghostel Design Blog 4 – Stacking the deck

Hi all! For this week’s article, I’d like to discuss the use of variable difficulty on the human visitor cards used to occupy the ghost house. Right at the beginning of Ghostel’s development, I always intended there to be different difficulties of humans in the house, with a corresponding increase in victory points. This was […]

Ghostel Design Blog 3 – The Phobias

This week I thought I’d look at one of the more thematic elements of Ghostel; the Phobias. Update: Since the writing of this blog, the Phobias have been renamed as scare tactics. The Phobias started as an evolution of the ghost theme, and were a clear candidate for thematic shoe-horning: I knew I wanted Phobias […]

Ghostel Design Blog 2 – Scoring Big

This week I’d like to look at the mechanics used for scoring points. For those who haven’t had a go at Ghostel, players roll dice at the start of each night to determine how scary they are. The players then place their dice on the people in the house, trying to equal or beat the […]

Ghostel Design Blog 1 – Why a ghost game?

For the first blog piece, I thought I’d start at the very beginning: why a ghost game? Well, in a bizarre twist, it was actually the mechanics of Ghostel that I designed first, with the idea of a haunted house just kind of wrapping neatly around them. So where did the mechanics come from? Well, […]

Is Tabletopia the future of tabletop gaming?

Some exciting news from the world of tabletop gaming. A new digital board game client has come onto the scene, boasting all manner of features and a slick 3D presentation as of yet unseen in the industry.

Where the blog have we been! Oh yeah…

Hello Tinkerbot Fans! I’m afraid I’ve been away from this blog for far too long, and I can only apologise for slacking off. To tell the truth, the last few months have been pretty manic. I took over full time care of my own little Tinkertot, which has been an amazing experience (I promise not […]

Board Game Design Hack – A Review

On Friday 12th June,┬áTinkerbot Games held it’s first Design Hack at the Katiwok Restaurant in Cardiff. For the full details of what a ‘design hack’ is then check out this link, but in a nutshell a Hack is a short presentation concerning an aspect of the design world, followed by a workshop (the hack) where […]