Bx-VDE3IEAA1XWLTake the role of an adventurer as you and your friends work together to unlock the mysteries and treasures of the fantasy setting of The Tower of Tolroth. The game itself is powered by the RYG, a card system that allows in-depth simulation of duels between you and the denizens of Tolroth at a faster pace than dice rolling. Rather than a pre-set dungeon map, players explore an agreed number of 10×10 grid ‘floors’ with randomly determined mission events and a menagerie of monsters to fight, meaning Tolroth suits any player level with its adjustable difficulty and play-time.

Quotes from playtesters about the RYG system:

“RYG allows for a pace/complexity balance that’s difficult to simulate with a single die roll. Knowing which card to flip (Red, Yellow or Green) is as easy as ‘2 is definitely more than 1, right?’, yet each flip could see you character causing horrendous extra damage with a Perfect hit, or left open to a counter attack as you Devastate. It’s this ability to simulate so much with ease and a single card flip that makes RYG so powerful.”

“I loved how quickly combat runs and how simple it is to track. My attack value beat the defence of the monster so I drew a green card – a ‘Devastation’! which means the monster drew a counter-attack at me (a yellow card this time) – another ‘Devastation’ card! so I counter-attacked it’s counter-attack! I got a near miss and then finally a killing blow!
In the space of turning over four cards I had swung with my sword, missed, ducked under a counter attack, stabbed into thin air and finally beheaded the foul creature! All in a matter of seconds with my party cheering me on at each turn of a card!”

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