TT #13 – Aether Magic: An interview with Jeff and Lee of Happy Mitten Games (inc the Jumanji Question!)

In episode 13 of Talking Tinkerbots Gino and Bevan interview Jeff and Lee from Happy Mitten Games about their experiences so far in their Kickstarter campaign Aether Magic.

We discuss:

  • A secret campaign update! Hear it here first!
  • Asking for feedback from backers
  • Hotdogs and gherkins
  • Paying for advertising
  • Opening videos
  • Being honest with your backers
  • Is PnP a good idea for a Kickstarter campaign
  • Getting the theme right
  • Preparing for the campaign
  • The Jumanji Question!
  • Board Game Magic Moments
  • That time I upset Wil Wheaton by accident (I don’t blame Wil, it was a misunderstanding caused by a badly written tweet)
  • Bevan and Gino get Medieval (no, seriously)


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