TT #18 – Hate Mail, Bananas & Interviewing Cool People

0:08 – We read out hate mail
2:40 – Tiger-grrs
3:30 – Bananas
7:15 – The UK Games Expo review
20:00 – XCOM competition winner!
23:20 – Tinkerbot Spanner of Approval
25:18 – John Robertson of The Dark Room interview
30:35 – Adam Porter and Rob Fisher interview (Playtest UK)
33:50 – Ignacy Trzewiczek of Portal Games interview
38:18 – Henry Jasper of Grublin Games interview
44:04 – Jane Davies interview (XCOM Winner)
46:04 – Patreon, tell us what you think
48:10 – Read our credits for us!
50: 29 – Our sponsors!

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