Gino and Bevan talk about Board Game Mashups! The episode begins with our latest board game magic moment from listener Richie Janukowicz. Then we discuss board game mashups – merging multiple games into one super-game!

Following on from this Bevan discusses a new method for project planning and prioritising which was inspired by a blog entry from Chris Renshall of TGIK Games ( Gino then talks about how Stephen Buonocore of Stronghold Games ( has been inspirational to us lately as he is a one-man show who runs a hugely successful company as a second job!

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Chris Renshall of TGIK Games
– Website :
– Twitter : @TGIK_Games_CR (

Stephen Buonocore of Stronghold Games
– Website:
– Twitter: @StrongholdGames (


Games mentioned on this episode

Settlers of Catan –

Zombicide –

Agricola –

Carcossone –

Coup –

Smash-up –

Escape: Curse of the Temple –

Pandemic –

Zombies –

Panic Labs –

Killer Bunnies –

Tokaido –

Rampage / Terror in Meeple City –