TT #3 – Board Game Mashups

Gino and Bevan talk about Board Game Mashups! The episode begins with our latest board game magic moment from listener Richie Janukowicz. Then we discuss board game mashups – merging multiple games into one super-game!

Following on from this Bevan discusses a new method for project planning and prioritising which was inspired by a blog entry from Chris Renshall of TGIK Games ( Gino then talks about how Stephen Buonocore of Stronghold Games ( has been inspirational to us lately as he is a one-man show who runs a hugely successful company as a second job!

If you want to send us your suggestions for board game mashups then contact us below or tweet us using the hashtag #TTmashups

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Chris Renshall of TGIK Games
– Website :
– Twitter : @TGIK_Games_CR (

Stephen Buonocore of Stronghold Games
– Website:
– Twitter: @StrongholdGames (


Games mentioned on this episode

Settlers of Catan –

Zombicide –

Agricola –

Carcossone –

Coup –

Smash-up –

Escape: Curse of the Temple –

Pandemic –

Zombies –

Panic Labs –

Killer Bunnies –

Tokaido –

Rampage / Terror in Meeple City –

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