XCOMWelcome to the Tinkerbot’s UK Games Expo Competition Page!

You’re here because you want to win a copy of XCOM, right?

Here’s how: On Sunday at 3pm we’ll be drawing one entry at random to win a copy of XCOM. Each person can enter the draw 6 times. You need to find one of the Tinkerbots (check out the mugshots below) say “Hey Tinkerbot!” and then:

Do one, some or all of the following to enter (each one is worth one entry):

1. Tell us your best board game joke!

It’s really that simple. Tell us a joke that’s even distantly related to board games in some way and that’ll get you an entry.

2. Tell us your favourite board game Magic Moment

A board game magic moment is a story or memory of a happy board gaming moment that makes you smile when you think back on it. Tell us your favourite for our podcast and that gets you an entry to the competition. (No extra points for making Gino cry, he’s a big softy already).

3. Tweet a photo with a Tinkerbot

You can either grab us for a Tinkerbot selfie or snap a pic from a distance without telling us. Just make sure you tweet it with the hashtag and the line “I want to win XCOM @tinkerbotgames #UKGExpo”. The line needs to be spot-on or we may miss your tweet. You can even just quote the following tweet:

4. Playtest one of our games at the Expo

We’ve got 3 games you can help us playtest at the Expo, each playtest gets you an entry to win XCOM (1 per game)

What we look like

Find one of us wearing the Tinkerbot shirt

The Tinkerbots
Tony, Bevan and Gino
Blue Logo
The Tinkerbot Logo

What the back of our shirt looks like

Our advert in the UK Games Expo Guide
Our advert in the UK Games Expo Guide


Our copy of XCOM: The Board Game for this competition has been generously provided by our sponsor: Rules of Play


6 Responses

  1. How many Euro Game designers does it take to change a light bulb?

    Two, one to recycle the old one and the other to paste on a new theme.

  2. I’m really sorry for this, but…

    Why did Monopoly and Cluedo want a copy of XCOM?
    …because they were bored games.


  3. I play-tested Gnolems at UKGE2015 (and actually won – early grab of the biggest item of jewellery and some solid Buildings paid off nicely!)

    Still hoping to see Epic LabTime make it out there one day too (although I may have the name wrong…), and/or Hack the Block

    As for a joke…

    Why did all the Rook and the Bishop want to work on a hexagonal board?
    …They heard it would offer them equal opportunities 😉

    So assuming you survived that I’ll take two entries please!

    1. Hi Andrew!

      Thank you for playtesting Ghostel, ELT and Hack the Block! You’ve got an excellent memory!
      Unfortunately the competition ended on Sunday so you’re too late to enter! However, we will be running more giveaways (very soon hopefully!) so if you want to make sure you get in on those then sign up to our newsletter and you’ll be notified immediately!

      I like the joke! Took me a minute to figure it out!


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