Hello Tinkerbot Fans! I’m afraid I’ve been away from this blog for far too long, and I can only apologise for slacking off. To tell the truth, the last few months have been pretty manic.

I trade cute for wheat?
I trade cute for wheat?

I took over full time care of my own little Tinkertot, which has been an amazing experience (I promise not to gush though, try to keep this professionaOMGERDSOOOCUTE!!!…..ahem), then recently returning to part time-ish work. All of this, plus commitments to Geek Pride UK, Kickstarter reviews, taking a hammer to a designer’s block, and then of course Tinkerbot Games.

But enough, what about the games!? Well, Ghostel is coming along nicely with some crazy-awesome artwork (thanks Tyler!) plus all the quotes and other admin gubbins one needs to make a Kickstarter happen. It’s a big process, but we’re loving the challenge, and don’t tell anyone but I’m really enjoying the ‘work’. We’re also going to be rolling out some design blogs on the process that led to the final version of Ghostel, as it’s been a cracking journey and we’d love to hear from people who have had similar experiences.

Wyrm Farm, the dragon farming deck-building game has also seen some improvements. Each of the cards now has it’s own victory point values, plus some crunching of it’s weakest aspect, the end game. This has been the chief complaint, as without these changes WF feels very ‘unfinished’, like a few mechanics just kind of strung together. So far I love how Wyrm Farm is looking, even if I can’t draw a dragon for toffee!

The dice are trying to tell you something...
The dice are trying to tell you something…

All this busy-ness has taken a toll however. Amongst all the nappies, emails to manufacturers and remembering how to run a microbiology lab, I’ve had very little time to actually design. In fact, I realised to my horror that in the last few months, I’ve not been ABLE to think of anything design related. I’d hit a wall, a dry spell and of course my first worry was ‘Uh Oh, have I reached my limit?’ Thankfully not, but I’ll save the deets for a future blog post as it actually became a big concern and took a hefty chunk of work and support to overcome.

So, more an update than a traditional blog post, but hopefully we’ll be able to make these more regular again. Cheers everybody!